by Hans Johnson

One of the most inspirational stories in this year’s Super Bowl is that of Seattle Seahawk’s fullback Derrick Coleman. He is the first legally deaf offensive player in the league, and the subject of a viral TV commericial.  Among those who saw it was nine-year-old  Riley Kovalcik of Roxbury, New Jersey who, like Coleman, needs two hearing aids. Her twin sister Erin has one.

Riley was moved to write the Seahawks player a letter, which her father Jake tweeted to him. Not only did he retweet it, but he replied “Dear Miss Kovalcik. Thanks for the letter. Reallly was great hearing from a friend who I have so much in common with.”  He encouraged her: “Even though we wear hearing aids, we can still accomplish our goals and dreams.”

Riley and her family were interviewed on Fox and Friends.


But the story doesn’t end there. The sisters had a surprise visit by Coleman on the set of Good Morning America, bearing tickets to the game.

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[HT: The Blaze]

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