gosnellby Hans Johnson

Among those attending last year’s trial of spine-snipping abortionist Kermit Gosnell (pictured right) in Philadelphia were husband and wife documentary filmmakers Phelim McAleer and  Ann McElhinney, who were in town to promote FrackNation. Having seen the notoriously reluctant reporting of the atrocities firsthand, they intend to tell the story the mass media had to be shamed into covering. In order to reach a wider audience, the film will be a made-for-television drama, based on the grand jury report and court testimony.

Right from the start they met with resistance, having to abandon the crowdfunding site for their previous film because they were told to tone down their description of the crimes for which Gosnell was convicted.

Recently, fans of the Veronica Mars TV show were requested to contribute $2.1 million for its film version. Now McAleer, McElhinney, and fellow journalist Magdalena Segieda are asking fans of life to match that:


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