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From the Huffington Post comes the background on this video:

Artist Hikaru Cho uses her body painting expertise to create incredible realistic effects which make it appear her models’ skin is peeled back, in an effort to highlight rights and empowerment….

Now the Tokyo-based student has been commissioned by Amnesty International to prepare new designs for its My Body My Rights campaign, which emphasizes sexual and reproductive rights….

Cho – a Chinese-born artist who studies visual communication and design in Japan – has… illustrated the right to contraception and sexual health by depicting a strip of pills embedded in an arm, and the right to choose a partner by painting a face to show what appears to be two men kissing.

In one she depicts the right to choose when you have children with a keyhole in a model’s stomach and in another she highlights the right to live without sexual violence by showing a face emerging from a cracked shell, representing the emotional scars.

Cho said: “I hope my art can help young people across the world start a conversation about those rights.”

In the past several months, LifeNews has noted an apparent shift in Amnesty International’s worldwide mission. In December of last year, J.C. von Krempach wrote that while the organization still “uses the imagery of its earlier days” of helping political prisoners, their focus has changed:

It has given up its initial focus on prisoners of conscience; instead it is now promoting a so-called “holistic” view of human rights that squares well with the controversial social agenda of the UN and its specialized agencies. The cornerstone of this new agenda are so-called “sexual and reproductive rights”, which in the UN newspeak is a code word for promoting abortion, artificial conception, homosexuality, homosexual “parenting”, etc.

In other words, Amnesty is now part of the abortionist/homosexualist lobby, and occasional campaigns in favour of political prisoners only serve the purpose of polishing the organization’s nimbus.

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