abortion-minded pregnant mother must wait in that state before killing her babyOn May 21, the Missouri General Assembly passed legislation tripling the length of time an abortion-minded pregnant mother must wait in that state before killing her baby, bumping it up from 24 hours to 72 hours.

Unknown is whether Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon will sign or veto the bill.

Is he does, Missouri will join two other states, Utah and South Dakota, with a three-day waiting period.

Abortion happy Huffington Post lamented such common sense laws. Supposed pro-“choicers” appear to fear mothers might change their minds if given any breathing room whatsoever to ponder the immensely consequential decision they are making. HuffPo added this interesting chart…

waiting periods for abortion - 26 states make women wait for an abortion

I asked pro-life statistician Professor Michael New his thoughts on this chart.

“It provides evidence of the great progress pro-lifers have made in the South and Midwest,” Dr. New responded in an email. “As recently as 2000 only about 12 states had waiting periods. Now the number is up to 27*.”

So now, more than half of all states require waiting periods before abortion. The number has jumped 225% in the past 14 years.

*The HuffPo chart lists 26 states, but it missed North Dakota, which also requires a 24-hour waiting period. I confirmed the inadvertent omission with Elizabeth Nash of Guttmacher.

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