Pro-life baby on American flagAs is customary for a mainstream media outlet, Politico spun the results of its new poll question on abortion pretty much 180 degrees:

When it comes to abortion rights, however, midterm voters are more aligned with Democrats than with Republicans: 54 percent say they support the right to an abortion either with no restrictions (19 percent) or some restrictions (35 percent).

Forty-five percent said there should be either a near-total abortion ban with some exceptions (34 percent) or a total ban on the procedure (11 percent).

Without looking at the numbers, a pro-lifer’s heart might sink by that news. But indeed, check out those numbers:

Politico poll results show 80% voters want abortion restricted

In actuality, pro-life Republicans have the backing of 80% of Americans who vote (i.e., who matter), 35% of whom support such common sense and compassionate measures as parental notification and a 20-week abortion ban, both of which Democrats largely oppose.

Another 34% of likely voters would take that a big step further and support “[a] nearly total ban on abortion,” and 11% would support making abortion illegal, period.

So Democrats have the support of only 19% of likely voters.

Furthermore, 70% of voters think abortion is an important issue in choosing a candidate to support, which also bodes poorly for Democrats.

Shame on Politico for such an overt display of bias.

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