tumblr_lz588sPIYR1qzsnxyo1_500Online for Life asked this question, and I thought it was a good one: What pro-choice argument(s) do you have the most difficulty refuting?

We’ve all seen them - slogans written on placards and protest signs used by pro-abortion activists in their attempts to narrow down the pro-abortion position to a simple, succinct catch phrase. Unfortunately, these types of statements are misleading and untrue. And we believe it deserves an open and honest dialogue….

We know you’ve tried to help change the hearts and minds of your pro-abortion friends and family, but sometimes their arguments leave you stumped. How should we respond if an unborn child was conceived during rape? What if the mother’s life is truly in danger? Doesn’t the mother’s right to control her own body supersede the rights of the unborn child in her womb?

So which, if any, pro-choice argument(s) do you struggle to respond to? The inverted question could be asked of our pro-choice friends.

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