ambulance091609Planned Parenthood Keystone had a novel excuse for failing to report the ambulance transfer of a patient to the Pennsylvania  Department of Health, as required by law.

When DOH inspected Planned Parenthood Keystone’s Allentown abortion clinic on February 27, 2014, it was surprised to learn a patient had begun hemorrhaging after her abortion on March 15, 2013, and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

This was a surprising because DOH is supposed to get a report from any medical facility within 24 hours after such an occurrence, and it didn’t in this case.

Planned Parenthood’s excuse?

Its Patient Safety Officer and Associate Medical Director “determined that this event did not constitute a serious event or incident…. Abnormal bleeding after a surgical abortion is not unusual nor is it unanticipated,” quoting from the report.

The chart stated “the patient began with excessive bleeding with noticeable large clots” after not one but two suction abortions, because ”no products of conception were found” either time.

The bleeding continued even after the injection of a clotting medication (Methergine), which is when Planned Parenthood called 911.

If DOH didn’t realize Planned Parenthood’s misinterpretation of the law until this year, how many other botched abortions has Planned Parenthood Keystone covered up, not just in Allentown but others?

So Planned Parenthood’s standard of care is such that large clots and hemorrhaging are expected normal outcomes of a first trimester abortion?

Oh, and DOH’s deficiency report also found that Planned Parenthood violated HIPAA privacy laws by leaving patient files with names on them out in the open.

[Top photo, via Saynsumthn, was taken at the Aurora, Illinois, Planned Parenthood in 2009]

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