Phill Kline speaks out against abortionby Carder

The law flies out the window when abortion comes in the door. Without truth, there is no law, and that truth must resonate in the hearts of the people…

If you put your convictions on the line in America, you can expect to be persecuted. The word ‘suffering’ in the ancient Hebrew means to lift up to a higher purpose. If you reflect on life and on history – you will see that all that has eternal value has required suffering. We must rely on the promises of God.

We often can’t see how God is using us in our pro-life ministry. Yet we have faith in the author of truth.

~ Former Kansas Attorney General and pro-life prosecutor Phill Kline, who continues to speak out against abortion despite numerous attempts to silence him, Live Action, June 21

[HT: Susie]

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