bishopsDid US Catholic leaders look the other way as to fatten their coffers and beef up sagging numbers?

And whatever Obama’s goals – there is this to consider from the Catholic perspective – bishop involvement in anything that advances the party of death ambitions to secure the
White House is extremely short-sighted.

No matter how humanitarian motivated, or selfish the goals – keeping a democrat in the White House insures an eventual Supreme Court dominated by liberals – and those liberals will be signing off of laws that will advance the persecution of the Church.

Remember, the Hobby Lobby HHS contraception case was decided on a 5-4 vote. The party of death would love nothing more than to secure the White House and have decades of control over that court.

To think that US bishops will have aided and abetted that is too sad to contemplate.

~ Michael Voris, analyzing the alleged cooperation of some US Catholic bishops and the Obama administration in enabling the wave of illegal immigration at the southern border, Church Militant.TV, July 14

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