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Joe Scheidler

This photo comes by an interesting route. Pro-choice author Robin Marty was in Chicago yesterday doing research for a story, and part of that process involved interviewing pro-life hero Joe Scheidler.

Robin brought photographer Wendi Kent to take professional pictures to go with the story, and I was happy to see they posted one on Twitter, above.

As an aside, I’ve become acquainted with Robin over the course of time, and I love Ann and Joe (and, in fact, we are now sort of related, since my daughter and son-in-law just named their newest addition Scheidler Richard Peter Moore, after Joe).

So I took a day trip yesterday from the southwest side to the north side to say hi to everybody, which was enjoyable.

Joe is a pro-life icon. If I could emulate anyone’s temperament, it would be his - polite to all, kind, funny, deeply committed Christian and family man, and an unswervingly strong and persuasive pro-life apologist. This was a great photo that I think captured all that.

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