annunciationbaerby Kelli

I write to express my support for the right of the clinic to be there and to serve the reproductive needs of our community…. I also write to make clear that there are many Christians, Christian denominations and many other people of faith who support the reproductive rights of women….

I am very disappointed with some fellow Christian people and churches who have made threats of exclusion and boycotts to congregants who wish to work with the clinic.

As a parish church that is named for the most wondrous conception in history, we welcome the Planned Parenthood clinic to the neighborhood.

It will serve a very important role in education, health screenings, contraception and, when necessary, a safe place for the termination of pregnancy.

~ Rev. Walter Baer of the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, in a letter to the New Orleans Advocate, as quoted by, September 23

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