pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Pro-Life Action League is promoting the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children tomorrow, Sept. 13:

    Of the 95 sites where memorial services will be held, 42 are actual gravesites of aborted children whose bodies were recovered from dumpsters and other improper resting places by pro-life activists.

    You can find the location of a memorial service near you by visiting the list of sites.

  • At The Catholic View for Women, Janet Morana thinks Wendy Davis‘ abortion revelation showed complications of post abortion grieving and the need for restoration and healing.

    The pro-abortion activity and public confession of her abortion also serve as a powerful outlet for the complicated grief, guilt and anger that needs to be continually repressed… but struggles to find expression. Anti-abortion activists and public political activity that highlights our nation’s contentious struggle with this issue, become a convenient target for anger and rage at one’s spouse, self, God and others involved in the abortion decision.

    Perhaps we can revisit the abortion filibuster of June 2013 and see in this very public action on behalf of abortion rights as being closely connected to her incomplete abortion healing. At great personal sacrifice she labors for hours on end, without food and water… to fight what she sees as draconian abortion restrictions. I would suggest that what was driving this display may be closely related to the abortion disrupting her body’s ability to go through the natural labor process… which she displaces onto a dramatic, lengthy and painful filibuster process.


  • Pro Life 365 supports the Catholic Church in opposing IVF. Writing, “Let us consider just how quickly using this technology can, and already has spun out of control,” the author cites the real life case of Cindy Close (pictured left) to show he is not exaggerating.

    Close was impregnated via IVF, with no biological connection to the twins she delivered.  She thought she was going to raise them with the sperm donor, Marvin McMurrey, in a platonic relationship, but the couple ended up in court when he said he wanted sole custody to raise the children with his gay lover.

  • Big Blue Wave remembers a fascinating court case in Tennessee 25 years ago that heard expert witness testimony from Dr.  Jerome Lejeune of France. The judge became the first in U.S. history to affirm that “life begins at conception based on that testimony.”
  • Pro Life in TN picks up the story on this groundbreaking case of a divorcing couple fighting over custody of frozen “pre-embryos.”  The fight went all the way to the Tennessee Supreme Court, which disregarded that expert testimony and granted custody to the husband, who wanted the embryos destroyed. The legal opinion in that finding inspired  the Tennessee ACLU and Planned Parenthood to sue the state to remove abortion statutes already in place.

    What started with this historic ruling will be resolved this November when the people will vote on  a constitutional amendment that would allow the General Assembly to once again place regulations around abortion. This battle is gaining national attention.


  • Jason Jones (pictured right) at Catholic Vote has a strong, no holds barred message for self-identified Catholics and other Christians who embrace the pro-choice viewpoint or trivialize abortion by putting it on the same plane as other social/economic issues:

    As the father of a girl who was aborted against my will - and her mother’s will - one of millions of abortion’s unmentioned victims, I say: “No way.” I demand that my fellow Catholics who claim to be pro-life stop trivializing the legal execution of my preborn daughter by equating it with far-flung political issues that well-meaning people are free to argue about.

    There are many answers to addressing the plague of poverty, many of which don’t even involve the government. There is one answer to legalized mass murder, and it does involve the government. Just as civil rights could only be enforced by government action, so abortion can only be stopped when doctors who try to perform them end up in chain gangs. Anyone who tells you different really doesn’t care about ending abortion. And it’s time that we called them out on it.

anti-date-rape-nail-polish-will-not-work (1)

  • Secular Pro Life features an article by pro-life feminist Caitlin Fikes that compares the anti-rape nail polish remedy to the issue of abortion:

    However, many feminists and anti-rape activists have raised some very valid criticisms of the nail polish, its implications, and the kind of attention it’s getting. While the nail polish may indeed prevent some women from getting raped (and obviously, every rape avoided is a Good Thing), examining this invention in the context of rape culture still raises important concerns.

    For example, every precaution that places the onus on women to employ an ever-growing anti-rape checklist raises the possibility of victim-blaming: should this product become widespread, whenever a woman is drugged and raped there will invariably be voices saying, “This could have been avoided if only she was wearing her anti-roofie nail polish. How irresponsible.”

    What does this have to do with abortion, you ask? You may be surprised to find that there are many parallels between the criticisms feminists levy against this nail polish and the criticisms pro-life feminists raise about the prevalence of abortion.

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