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  • The Abortion Gang has a guest post by Canadian Mel Waters in which she describes her experience in Colorado for an elective abortion after 24 weeks at Warren Hern’s clinic. The story is sad on many levels:

    It was a long physical recovery; the mental scars have been a longer journey, and after 4 years I am still working through it. I can’t close my eyes at night without reliving the whole thing again, I still have nightmares!

  • An abortion clinic in El Paso is shut down again after being open for part of the day on Saturday after they received an exemption that was meant for another clinic in El Paso. In another example of how abortion is a business, the clinic isn’t referring women to the abortion clinic in El Paso but instead to one of their affiliated clinics in New Mexico:

    They are not completely closed, though. They still take walk-ins and phone calls and instruct women requiring an abortion to go to their clinic in New Mexico.


  • Cosmopolitan magazine has endorsed… drumroll… Wendy Davis! (I know, big surprise, right?) The start of the story mentions the pink shoes as if that’s a reason to vote for her:

    An 11-hour filibuster. A bold stand for women in a red state. Those pink tennis shoes.

    They’d probably call other media outlets sexist for mentioning the shoes. The end of this sentence caught my eye:

    A Davis governorship would represent all Texans, including those who are traditionally underserved by Austin, setting the state on the road to restoring basic women’s health care and ensuring that the children women do choose to have are cared for.

    Why the need to mention “the children women do choose to have”? Why not just say “ensuring that children are cared for”? In saying this, Cosmo concedes the reality that women are aborting “children” they don’t want.

[Photo via Live Action News]

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