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But in our race to find heroes and villains, we fall victim to a common and dangerous error: treating the event as entirely a matter of free choice made by independent individuals guided only by their own moral compass. There is no need for context. And we certainly don’t want to talk about the social structures that might make the mother’s choice predictable and even understandable.

Buried in the story is the fact that the mother is a native Armenian, and the father is from New Zealand. In other words, the mother is from a country where doctors and family members routinely assume that a disabled child should not and cannot be kept at home.

Even worse: throughout the post-Soviet world, there are virtually no systems in place for providing even a minimal amount of useful information, let alone support, to a mother who has just given birth to a DS (Down Syndrome) baby.

~ Eliot Borenstein explaining the possible reason behind a mother threatening to divorce her husband if he kept their newborn Down Syndrome baby, Huffington Post, February 6

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