0_0_0_0_250_139_csupload_56975362_largeIn my post yesterday, “NOLA Planned Parenthood resumes construction; contractor says will walk for payoff,” I wrote that Absolute Concrete Services had not returned my calls requesting comment.

Today, Ronald Backes did.

Ronald is the son of Melvin and Linda Backes, and he clarified that Linda solely owns Absolute Concrete Services (which I said I’d correct), and he works for her. He said his parents are divorced.

Ronald wasn’t present to hear the conversation between his parents and Pastor Shanks, but he denies they made these comments Pastor Shanks attributed to them:

Melvin told him, “This is just business. If you give me $20,000, I’ll tear up the contract.”…

[Linda] told him she supported abortion and Planned Parenthood, adding, “If we let these babies live, they’ll just grow up and kill us.”

Ronald said there is no contract, but the concrete job is worth much more than $20,000, although he wouldn’t say how much.

Our conversation lasted over an hour.

I indicated Ronald was on the wrong side of history and that he would in part be responsible for the the 2,844 preborn children Planned Parenthood says it will kill at the clinic each year.

Ronald said he has no say, that his mother owns the company, but they are both “pro-choice.” I told him he could walk away. He said he wouldn’t.

Ronald kept dwelling on the fact that abortion is legal, even though I pointed out there are plenty of instances in U.S. and global history when something was legal but wrong.

Ronald also said, “A cement job has nothing to do with who is building. It’s just a job. It’s Planned Parenthood’s right.” I responded that he will be a collaborator, and the blood will indeed be on his hands as it will be with any other contractor that helps Planned Parenthood.

Ronald, in turn, blamed pro-lifers.

“Let me tell you something,” said Ronald. “We were on the balance beam, and when the pro-life people jumped the gun, that’s what made me take the job. Pro-life people made me pour this. The blood is going to be on their hands.”

I can’t tell you how pro-lifers found out Absolute Concrete Services was pouring the cement, but it was after the company had agreed.

I appealed to Ronald’s legacy, that his family name would be dirt in New Orleans.

We went round and round. At one point Ronald agreed babies were human before they were born, and at another point he said he didn’t know when they became human. He brought up the war, death penalty, rape, and incest.

I told Ronald there was still time, that four other concrete contractors had turned down the job, and he could still walk away, but he said it was something his mother wanted done, and he was doing it.

“We will pour cement for anyone anyone comes through this door,” he said.

Really? Would he pour concrete for the Nazi gas chambers, slave quarters, or for the KKK, I asked?

Ronald said I was being ridiculous.

I told him it may sound like a cliché, but I would be praying for him. And I really will.

And I ask all of you to as well.

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