by Kelli


They want you to look like you are helping women out…. When they send you for training, they give you justification into why women get abortions….

The parts were brought to the lab that the reproductive health and abortion side shared, and the remains were placed into a red biohazard trash bag like it was nothing. It kind of made me sad a little bit when I saw it.

I would just go out of the room, and it would be on my mind at some time and I would shake it off. Since I was still working there, I wanted to be blind….

We had training often on different types of things. I was disturbed after watching a Planned Parenthood training video of women coming in for an abortion. The video said they felt relaxed, and that Planned Parenthood made [the patient] feel comfortable and happy. It was a perception of deception – like some happy product in a store, it popped right out at me….

Most patients were young and they didn’t want their parents to know. A lot of the girls that came in there were very uneducated in a lot of things. Working in the front desk, I would think, ‘Why aren’t these young girls at school? If they can’t even fill out this paperwork, what are they doing having sex?’

~ Former Planned Parenthood staffer Charjuana Hogan, describing some of the experiences she had while working as a “reproductive health assistant” at PP in Riverside, California, as quoted by Live Action News, March 18

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