by Hans Johnson

Stacy Roorda was stunned to get a diagnosis of Stage Four breast cancer – and then in a follow-up test came the news that she was pregnant. With the aggressive cancer feeding on the hormone essential to the baby, she was urged to abort the child so they could start intensive chemotherapy immediately.

A devout Christian, she was sustained by a prayer chain in her church, and boldly told the doctors: “I wouldn’t give up my other two children, I’m not giving up this one. So you need to figure out a plan B.” When the doctors left them alone:

Matt and I just sat there. We were newly pregnant, fighting cancer, and in total shock. Just as I was beginning to wonder if this was the right choice, one of the resident radiologists snuck back in to the room. She quietly said, ‘I’m a Christian too, and I want you to know that it’s a baby, not a fetus, and you’re making the right choice. I’ll be praying for you.’ Both Matt and I burst out sobbing. It was exactly what we needed to hear at that moment.

A milder treatment was used to slow the disease, but then it reached the bone, and Jazmine Stacy had to be delivered (in good health) at 32 weeks. As prayer support spread worldwide, doctors were surprised that the cancer was stopped right in its tracks, and remains there, unchanged, eight years later.

Roorda relates her brave ordeal in a compilation of inspirational stories called  The Missing Piece.


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[Photo via The Blaze]

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