USCPOSTER-370x290by Kelli

The banners featured 11-week-old fetuses, such as the ones shown here with the Mother Teresa quote “Life is a promise, fulfill it,” on one and “at 8 weeks she began to hear… at 11 weeks every organ system was functioning” on the other.

Later Tuesday, the flags were gone. Toward the bottom of the fixture was a sign that read: “Women deserve the right to choose.”…

A total of 12 banners on six light posts were removed….

In discussing the matter on Facebook, several USC students stated they were upset by the development, that the fact that gay pride banners may wave but not pro-life ones smacked as hypocritical and viewpoint discrimination….

“It is unbelievable that USC removed all the posters that were put up around the school,” [University student government senator and USC College Republicans member Jacob Ellenhorn] stated. “They were put up through all the proper channels. It seems as though not even USC can stand for intellectual diversity. Why stop an authentic conversation about abortion? What is so offensive about the facts of life?”

~ The College Fix, reporting on the University of Southern California’s removal of a previously approved display on fetal development, April 22

Note: Pro-life displays have been vandalized at USC before, and there’s no sign that attempts to censor the facts surrounding fetal development on high school and college campuses is going to let up anytime soon.

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