by Carder


In the past, those of us who’ve spoken about the collapsing Euro birth rates have been dismissed as religious fanatics or other stuff that I can’t share in a family blog.

Yet this is not about religion. It’s about reality. You cannot have a future without babies. In other words, at some point you run out of people.

There are other impacts, such as having to rely on immigrants to keep up your population. Will these immigrants integrate and adopt their new culture? Or will they assume majority status and impose their own culture? I don’t know the answer, but those “no go zones” in Paris offer a glimpse of a future that isn’t very French.

Also, the aging population will require more health care. Will younger immigrants be willing to pay the taxes to support all of those social programs created by people that they have no cultural connection to?

It’s a complicated subject, but the bottom line is simple: no babies, no future!

~ Silvio Canto, Jr., American Thinker, June 3

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