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The problem that I have with this is it’s not the Republicans that are pushing social issues. The Republicans are defending them, for crying out loud! The left is who’s pushing social issues, and nobody ever complains about ’em doing so. The Democrat Party is the biggest purveyor of social issues. The Democrat Party is the biggest promoter of social issues. The Democrat Party’s agenda demands movement on social issues! This idea that the Republicans are pushing social issues is absurd.

Now, I know what it really means. What it really means when some Wall Street-New York liberal Republican starts complaining about social issues, he’s talking about abortion. It’s a single issue, and they’re tired of it, and they think that the Republican Party can’t win if that becomes an important campaign issue. The reason they think that is because the left has been so successful in corrupting the culture, folks.

I mean, there are a lot of people who are very aware that America as they’ve known it – our society, culture, whatever you want to call it – is undergoing massive transformation, and not for the good, not for the betterment. And they don’t know specifically why, and they certainly don’t know how to stop it. But yet when Republicans start talking about abortion, if they do, then they think the Republicans are the problem….

Free expression is the enemy of the left. The First Amendment, free expression is the enemy of all of these leftist groups try to transform the culture. While they try to tell you that they are the epitome of liberation, they are the epitome of freedom, they are the epitome of free this and free that, it’s the exact opposite.

They are oppressors.

~ Rush Limbaugh, “Our Overnight Orwellian Unraveling,” RushLimbaugh.com, June 15

[Photo via watchdogwire.com]

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