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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Right to life position “almost like Sharia”

… [T]here’s a grand canyon of difference between Obama, who’s very pro-choice, and, for example, the Republican ticket this year, which would give 14th Amendment rights, whatever that means, life, liberty, and property rights, to a fetus that had just been – or rather, an egg that had just been fertilized, right after sex, if […]

Jivin J’s Life Links 9-6-11

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat Britain is now embroiled in an abortion controversy. Some members of parliament want a conscience vote on legislation to require abortion counseling be performed by organizations who don’t perform abortions. Now, Nadine Dorries, the MP behind the legislation, claims there’s a covert whipping operation underway as Prime Minister […]

Personhood: A history of getting it wrong

Itís a favorite talking point for abortion apologists, but I know of few pro-life people who are single-issue minded. As if having a singular focus on a human injustice is something to be ashamed of, anyway. Abolitionists had a singular focus to abolish the inhumanity of slavery. Perhaps they should have first worried about housing, […]

New Stanek poll: Should “anchor babies” be given automatic citizenship?

My weekend question earlier this month was, “Do you think the 14th Amendment should be repealed?,” and now I’m asking it in the form of a new poll question: Do you think “anchor babies,” or babies born in the US to illegal aliens, should be granted automatic citizenship? Vote on the lower right side of […]

Weekend question: Do you think the 14th Amendment should be repealed?

by Chip Bok at GoComics.com… See page 2 for more back-and-forth political cartoons on the topic of “anchor babies,” or babies born in the US to illegal aliens, who are nonetheless currently deemed US citizens according to the Supreme Court’s historical interpretation of the 14th Amendment. Weekend question: Do you think the 14th Amendment should […]


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