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IUD cookie

Click photo to enlarge…    Yes, that’s an IUD cookie. ~ @IAMDrTiller, Steph Herold, on Twitter, January 26 [JLS note: … a step up from aborted fetus cookies but still weird.]

Stephen Colbert creates partial-birth abortion drinking game

For quite some time elements of the Left have been mocking that which they think the Right holds sacred, from burning the American flag to sticking a crucifix of Jesus in urine. Lately the The Crass Ones have landed on abortion, laughing about aborted fetus cookies and abortion Christmas ornaments while tweeting  #abortionclinicplaylistsongs. Worse, they […]


Oh, boy: What I just said out loud to myself with head in hands where I sit blogging at the local Panera. This morning pro-life friend Ed sent a link my way where Christmas abortion ornaments called “abornaments” are being sold. The aborted fetus cookies had nothing on these, which are simply grievous. I can […]

Stanek weekend question: What song would you kill your baby by?

Yesterday Students for Life reported in a Facebook alert: Last night a disturbing “trending topic” emerged on Twitter. Most will probably know that Twitter is a service in which people give their thoughts, opinions or make statements in 140 characters or less. You can follow other people’s “tweets” or even follow a “trending topic.” Trending […]


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