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Pro-life news brief 11-25-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas, resumed abortions on Friday after their abortionist obtained admitting privileges at a local hospital. This was the same Planned Parenthood which cancelled Marni Evansí abortion. By the way, Evans has deleted her tweets asking various media individuals to contact her about her cancelled abortion.
  • Vladimir Putin has signed a law to make abortion ads illegal in Russia.

Randall’s Terry’s micro-targeted ad campaign to defeat Obama

The October 22 issue of The Weekly Standard magazine features a lengthy article about pro-life activist Randall Terry.

Writer Matt Labash spent a week with Terry, his family, and Terry’s band of pro-life renegades at Terry’s “bunkhouse” in West Virginia (formerly a Catholic group home for adults with Down syndrome).

The result was a well-written piece that keeps one engaged to the end. Labash captured Terry’s eccentricities without dismissing him as a nut and left open the door that Terry just may be a pro-life savant.

The impetus for Labash’s article was Terry’s latest project, which is to air his uniquely produced pro-life ads in strategic areas across the U.S., with a simple goal of suppressing Obama supporters from voting and losing Obama the election.

Before the explanation, here are the ads. The first is entitled, “Uncle Tom Jackson: Carrying water for racists,” taking on actor Samuel Jackson for his “WAKE THE F*** UP” pro-Obama ad

Final hours to donate to candidate’s graphic abortion ads

Read backstory beginning here. District of Columbia pro-life congressional candidate Missy Smith called this morning to say the buy for her graphic abortion television ads is up to 355, which is absolutely amazing. Federal law forces network tv stations to run Missy’s ads through close of polls tomorrow. That will be 7-8p EST, depending on […]


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