by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The West Virginia abortionist being sued for allegedly continuing an abortion against a patient’s wishes is denying the allegations and is claiming that leaving a pieces of the child in the patient wasn’t his fault:

    Her complaint claims she came to the clinic for an abortion but that she wasn’t given enough medication ahead of the procedure because the center and [Rodney Lee] Stephens didn’t know enough about her history with “use and/or abuse” of pain medication.

    Stephens refused to stop the procedure when [Itai] Gravely told him to and staff members restrained her while he finished the procedure, according to her complaint. She says she felt enough pain after the procedure to eventually go to Charleston Area Medical Center.

    At the hospital, Gravely says the doctors removed more materials from her uterus, including a skull….

    Stephens and the center also state they are “of information and belief” that CAMC removed “additional products of conception.” But Gravely was told that “retained fragments and tissue” could remain after the abortion, which could lead to the need for further medical attention.

    If any “products of conception” remained in Gravely, it wasn’t because Stephens or the center didn’t provide the proper care, according to the response.