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  • The West Virginia abortionist being sued for allegedly continuing an abortion against a patient’s wishes is denying the allegations and is claiming that leaving a pieces of the child in the patient wasn’t his fault:

    Her complaint claims she came to the clinic for an abortion but that she wasn’t given enough medication ahead of the procedure because the center and [Rodney Lee] Stephens didn’t know enough about her history with “use and/or abuse” of pain medication.

    Stephens refused to stop the procedure when [Itai] Gravely told him to and staff members restrained her while he finished the procedure, according to her complaint. She says she felt enough pain after the procedure to eventually go to Charleston Area Medical Center.

    At the hospital, Gravely says the doctors removed more materials from her uterus, including a skull….

    Stephens and the center also state they are “of information and belief” that CAMC removed “additional products of conception.” But Gravely was told that “retained fragments and tissue” could remain after the abortion, which could lead to the need for further medical attention.

    If any “products of conception” remained in Gravely, it wasn’t because Stephens or the center didn’t provide the proper care, according to the response.


  • At Slate, Jessica Grose is not happy with wrenching abortion stories. Instead, she wants more stories from women who have abortions “and don’t look back”:

    A lot of women don’t want a baby, and they don’t care whether the fetus is viable or how much money is in their bank account. Where are their essays?…

    [A] 23-year-old anonymous author… tried googling “abortion blog” and only came up with anti-choice nonsense and women who regretted their terminations. So she wanted to publish something servicey that explained what an abortion was like and how to go about getting one. But what I liked best about the site was how blithe and unapologetic she was about her choice. She described the aftermath of her abortion like this:

    By monday my hormones were a little wonky but in all i just felt like this parasitic creature that burrowed its way into me and fed of my energy, apetite, [sic] and joy was removed. And I had been restored….

    This kind of honesty… has the potential to nudge the battle back leftward after ceding so much ground.

  • The Fairfax City Council has voted in favor of adding a new term to their zoning law which abortion advocates oppose because they believe it will prevent an abortion clinic from setting up in the city.

    The council voted Tuesday night to create a new term in its zoning law, “medical care facility,” delete the term “clinic” from the current definition of a doctor’s office, and require all medical care facilities to obtain a special use permit at a cost of $4,800, along with a detailed approval process and a final vote by the city council. Pro-choice activists said the move was aimed at keeping abortion clinics out of Fairfax City, including an existing clinic in the city which was trying to relocate to meet Virginia’s new hospital-style zoning standards for abortion clinics.

[Photo via Slate, by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images]

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