So what if minor girls can’t buy emergency contraceptives without a prescription?
Their rapists can.
When last week the FDA authorized over-the-counter access of ECs to women 18 and older, it also authorized over-the-counter access to men 18 and older.
Why would men buy ECs?
Ask them in Thailand, where ECs have been marketed for 20 years. In Thailand, ECs are advertised in men’s magazines….
I don’t know whether acting FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach was caving to or cavorting with radical feminists when making his decision, but it was irresponsible and dangerous.
Have you ever heard of the FDA making the high dose of any drug available on the store shelf while locking the lower dose in the pharmacy?
Here’s the magnitude of difference between prescription-only birth control pills and now nonprescription ECs: Planned Parenthood recommends taking 40 Ovrette brand birth control pills at one time to equal the dosage of the EC….

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