My column today reveals breaking news about the baby that witnesses allege was placed kicking and gasping for air in a biohazard bag at an abortion clinic in Hialeah, Florida, on July 20, including:

  • The medical examiner has determined this baby was born alive.
  • The person putting the live baby in a biohazard bag has been identified as clinic owner Belkis Gonzales.
  • Clinic workers allegedly hid the baby on the roof the first time police searched the premises.
  • A police department official says if state attorneys come back with anything other than homicide charges, he will pitch a public fit.

Read about all that and more in my column today, “Homicide in Hialeah – or illegal dumping?,” on
Also read a news story related to my column on
And watch for a news article by Lynn Vincent on the Hialeah baby homicide online Thursday night on World Magazine’s website and Friday in its print edition.

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