A volunteer driving me from the airport to a pregnancy resource center speaking engagement described a heart-wrenching incident.
She said during a recent luncheon with three friends, all four admitted to having abortions. One had never told anyone before that day….
I am increasingly aware of the eternal lives God is saving through abortion. I don’t understand. Can it be that God is allowing the catastrophe of abortion to save the eternal lives of the parents who kill their babies?….
But there are many who do not accept God’s forgiveness….
Frankly, those who lament that their sin of abortion is unforgivable need to get over themselves. In actuality, they have a pride issue. They think their sin is more special than anyone else’s who has ever lived.
What’s worse, people who don’t seek and accept God’s forgiveness about their abortions make matters worse. They don’t get in the game because they feel like hypocrites….

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