Despite pressure from social conservatives, Pastor Rick Warren refused to uninvite U.S. Sen. Barack Obama from his AIDS conference last week, although Obama is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual.
During the conference, Warren explained, “You have to have two wings to fly,” apparently a right wing and a left wing….
obama warren.jpg
Warren said he invited Obama to speak at his conference because they both want to stop AIDS.
This would be like me inviting Ted Kennedy to my pro-life conference because we both want to stop unplanned pregnancies. Ludicrous. Warren certainly knows ends don’t justify means….
In so many words Warren portrayed conservatives as bigoted for demanding that those we allow in our flock agree on all issues, as if that were actually true, and as if abortion and homosexuality were just issues to be lumped with all others…. Rather, they are directly related to AIDS….
Exactly how will Obama and Warren take wing together to conquer AIDS, if Obama condones the top three causes of AIDS? ….
Worst of all, Warren gave Obama a platform. He legitimized Obama, particularly among evangelicals. One consequence of this will be….

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[Photo courtesy CNN.]

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