kubby.jpgCalling herself the “pro-life executive director” of the Emma Goldman Clinic abortion mill in Iowa City, Iowa, Karen Kubby took the occasion of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade to reflect in a Jan. 25 opinion piece in the Iowa City Press-Citizen. Highlights:

I am pro-life. I believe strongly in the value of living beings on this planet. I celebrate life in a variety of ways through my daily activities and spiritual life. I recognize the lives gained through abortion. I see the lives of women and their children who are stronger and more stable because of a decision toward abortion….
A decision about abortion is decidedly pro-life. It is a respectful and moral option….

I know one party in abortion who likely feels a tad disrespected.
And which children are stronger and more stable? Aside from those killed, the child abuse rate of those left behind has skyrocketed over 300% since abortion was legalized.
On Jan. 27, at the Emma Goldman Choice Dinner to raise funds for abortion, Kubby reported, according to the DailyIowan.com, “the clinic raised enough money last year… to subsidize 1,143 abortions, and the clinic hopes 2007 will be just as successful.”
Be it Freudian or purposeful, “successful” is an interesting word choice for the “pro-life” director of an abortion mill to use while citing her abortion stats.
Hat tip: Michelle L.
[Photo from Iowa City Press-Citizen]

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