Associated Press, today:

Orosi, CA – The first newborn was discovered swaddled in a blanket on an outdoor bench, an umbilical cord still hanging from his tiny body. Then, at neat 11-month intervals, two more abandoned babies were found in parked pickup trucks in the same neighborhood.
This week, DNA tests established all three babies were almost certainly born to the same mother.
Now, in a heartbreaking mystery that has transfixed this central California farm community of 7,300, investigators are trying to find the mother and figure out what drove her to such desperate lengths….
All three newborns were found within a two-block radius. The first two – a boy and a girl – survived and are now wards of the state. The third baby was found dead of exposure on the cold night of Dec. 3….

On Monday, sheriff’s officials announced the DNA results. The first two babies probably had the same father, but Angelita [name given to baby who died] was fathered by a different man….
“This little community is a family. We know pretty much everyone else’s business and they know ours,” said Eugene Etheridge, principal of Orosi High School. “It’s concerning that this could happen again when the most precious thing we have is our children.”

Several thoughts.
~ “[T]he most precious thing we have is our children”? Really? Only when born.
~ Had this mother gone to an abortion mill when in labor, there would have been no problem.
~ I wonder how the community would react to finding abandoned aborted babies on park benches or parked pick-up trucks.
~ Some CA hospitals do this same thing. What’s the prob?
~ Interesting photo, right, of a sticker being posted in the area.
[Photos courtesy of AP]

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