run's house 6.jpgThe third season of MTV’s reality show Run’s House, which begins April 9, will feature a poignant episode.
Rev. Run Simmons, 42, was a founding member and lead vocalist of the ’80s rap group Run-DMC and is now a preacher. He and his wife of 12 years, Justine, 43, are parents to five children, ages 10-23. The oldest three are from Run’s first marriage.
The cliffhanger ending of season two was Rev. Run’s announcement Justine was pregnant. What viewers will learn in season three is the baby, born September 26, 2006, and named Victoria Anne, died two hours after she was born.
They will also learn Run and Justine were told midway through her pregnancy the baby had a birth defect, omphalocele, which causes abdominal organs to grow outside the body. The Simmons opted not to abort….

Read their story in People.
Having become involved in the pro-life movement by learning the hospital where I worked as a nurse aborted handicapped babies, I am particularly touched by this sort of story.
I have spoken with mothers who aborted handicapped babies. They did it to alleviate a few months of their own suffering, so they thought, or to alleviate their own baby’s suffereing, so they thought. They now are living a lifetime of hell with the knowledge they killed their own handicapped child.
On the other hand, I have never met a mother who regretted carrying her handicapped baby to term, whether that baby lived a few minutes or became a lifelong member of the family. Everybody who cares for such people are better for it.
To condone killing preborn handicapped babies is to simply condone killing imperfect people.
Run-DMC.jpgBetween seasons two and three, Rev. Run told AOL News how he understood his show’s purpose” “It’s my nature to want to be a dad. It’s fun to me. I don’t know if it comes this easy to everybody, but it’s deeply embedded into me by God. I think that my ministry as far as what I’m doing now – my television show is a family show. I think that’s what I’m here for – to be an example in many ways, an instrument for God. He created me as an instrument and as long as I yield, He’ll blow His breath through me and I’ll be the flute.”
Rev. Run and Justine have demonstrated they are the greatest of parents by loving a child many would consider unlovable, inconvenient, or too painful. What a great example to the MTV generation.
[Family photo courtesy of AOL. Hat tip: Daena]

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