Wow, I’ve spent all my blogging time this morning going through comments made last night and answering those I needed to. I appreciate all that you have to say. Some of you stay up very late!
globe.jpgSpeaking of comments, I spotted a blog post from Canada yesterday, linking to our “Sunday Confessional” post and comments. I also received an email sign-up from someone in Poland. If you think our conversations are just between us and perhaps don’t matter in the scheme of things, think again. Whether you are pro-abortion or pro-life, your thoughts are valuable and interesting to many people.
I thought I’d have time to post some new items this morning, but I now don’t. I’ll check back when I can throughout the day. Maybe I can eek some time out later. We’re having my kids and grandkids for Easter dinner and church tonight and have to get ready for that now.

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