diek.jpgI was perusing pro-abort blogs this morning for sport and came upon the following entry in Dyksfunctional, posted yesterday. The author says she’s a “Dyke Femme Mother of 1, 2, 3 Oooops 4 and 5.” Her kids range in age from 11 to 16; the youngest are twins. The author “came ‘Out’ almost 10yrs ago.”
Don’t go to this site unless you have an appreciation for the fine art of gutter language combined with punctuation overuse, all to hide MIA intelligence.
Here’s the relevant post….

OH! Must be a nationwide thingy w/the anti-abortion folks this past weekend. I’ve already read one person on my F-list that had a encounter w/them. We had our version up here in Juneau, Alaska. Driving down the road on Glacier Highway there is a parallel 4mile pedestrian/bike pathway.
There they were. About 100 or so anti-abortion protesters w/their signs.
It freaked poor Darby out so badly, that it took a strawberry milk shake to snap her out of it.
Darby:::: “Abortion kills children????!!!????”
Me:::: Darby, these people are going for shock value. They are trying to make women feel bad, for lumps of blood in their uterus.
Darby:::: O!
Me:::: Yea. So just give them the finger and get it over with.
Darby:::: OH mama. That is just mean!
How about I just give them a mean look? That should count from a little kid.
[[[Darby giving them a mean look out the passenger side window]]]
Me:::: Good job Darby!! Hey girls, take Darby’s que and give them all a mean look.
[[[all four philistine girls giving the anti-abortion peeps a mean look]]]
Me:::: Great job girls.
I still think they should have given them the finger, but they are much more lady like then I am. They get that from east coast side of genetics.
It truly is disappointing how “white” they are sometimes.

Here is one of those signs “going for shock value” that “freaked poor Darby out so badly,” one of the author’s former “lumps of blood.”

abortion kills children.jpg

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