Two recent blog posts have drawn the ire of liberal bloggers.
helen.jpgAdrian Monck at views on the news biz doesn’t appreciate my thoughts on Helen Thomas, particularly this section of my post:

What goes around comes around, Helen. In that circle of life, you’re a little too close to a time when you’re going to be as helpless as those preborns you advocate killing…
The first question elderly people seeking medical treatment should be asked is if they are pro-life or pro-choice. If they answer the latter, they should be moved to the back of the line.

Responded Monck….

A touching tribute to one of journalism’s octogenarian workers. As a card-carrying atheist and former choirboy, here’s a few words from Corinthians, Jill – “and the greatest of these is love.”
Of course, like all texts it’s open to interpretation. In this case I think Jill’s interpreting the New Testament as meaning “spew hate-filled invective.” I don’t care which side of the line you want to come down on regarding abortion, but peddling threats dressed up as commentary seems to me to rub the line right out.
Still, God bless her. And if I can annoy people like Jill at Helen’s age, God bless me too.

My response to Adrian:

My elderly health care plan was not about love, Adrian. It was about pragmatism and fairness.
If there are only so many doctors skilled in geriatrics, the majority of the rest having been killed by abortion, shouldn’t the elderly responsible for their killing bear the consequences?
Why should pro-life elderly pay the penalty? Where’s your sense of social justice?

no regrets.jpgAnd while one pro-abort on this blog thought Bethany’s “No regrets?” drawing was “gorgeous,” another didn’t. Responded dan at, quite succinctly, I might add:

Jill Stanek surrounds herself with some seriously morbid m*****f*****s.

Tsk, tsk, dan. Just goes to show, one person’s treasure is another person’s trash, as they say. Bethany, I hope your feelings aren’t hurt… :)

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