The Associated Press reported May 22:

The NCAA’s committee on women in sports will review its guidelines amid reports of female athletes being threatened with the loss of scholarships if they became pregnant….
Last week, Cassandra Harding, a member of the Memphis track team, told The Associated Press that she lost her scholarship after becoming pregnant, and a Clemson athlete told ESPN she had an abortion to stay in school.
Harding, who also considered abortion, returned to school without a scholarship and rejoined the track team as a walk-on after having her daughter, Assiah, now 22 months old.
Although NCAA rules allow a school to grant an athlete an extra year of eligibility if she misses a year because of pregnancy, the rules don’t require it. Nor do they spell out the rights of a pregnant athlete.

Here’s yet another example of coerced abortions, a worldwide crime against mothers and children for a plethora of reasons – population control, rape/incest cover-up, and even athletic scholarships. And, again, where are the feminists?
Harding… interesting. Many pro-aborts on this site complain pregnancy invokes a ‘weakened state” when the opposite is true. Dr. Poul-Erik Paulev of the University of Copenhagen wrote that pregnancy appears to increase muscle strength in female athletes:

Female top athletes – just following the time when they gave birth to their first child – have set several world records.

A rowing blogger corroborated:

It’s a well known fact that female endurance athletes do tend to perform better after childbirth (Sonia O’Sullivan [pictured right, with daughter] and Liz McColgan are classic examples).

female athlete 3.jpgThere’s also the phenomenon of abortion doping, another proof, albeit sick, that pregnancy empowers. I read about this a few years ago, something when fact-checking for this post I found even Snopes corroborated:

As gruesomely unbelievable as this must sound, there is some reason to believe such a procedure might exist.

Snopes explained abortion doping is:

… the notion that female athletes can supercharge their bodies through aborting a fetus just before competition and reabsorbing into their own systems the additional hormones the pregnancy produced. Akin to blood doping, the object is to increase the presence of a natural substance in the athlete… in this case… hormone levels… are being boosted….

All this raises many questions. Is it fair or unfair to make special rules for pregnant women athletes? Is abortion doping acceptable or not? Why or why not?
And can someone please explain how pregnancy weakens a woman, particularly when at that time she’s doing the one thing men can’t do?
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