I wrote a column May 9 about pro-abort Rosie O’Donnell’s disengenuous vow May 1 to stop sparring with conservative co-host on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, because Hasselbeck was pregnant.
I reported two days ago O’Donnell broke her vow. Big surprise.
That very day, O’Donnell and Hasselbeck got into a major disagreement on the air, after which it was reported O’Donnell immediately quit the show three weeks before her contract expired.
I have seen news clips of the joust and thought it looked somewhat serious, perhaps a little theatrical. I thought Elisabeth pushed bully Rosie back well.
But I just watched the entire 10 minute segment on YouTube, and in context you see it was very serious. Hasselbeck really got to O’Donnell, which isn’t clear from the clips. Watch O’Donnell’s face at the end.

On Rosie’s blog you get more of an insight to what she’s thinking. I can’t believe her feelings are hurt. She has made incredible accusations about 9/11, the Iraq War, President Bush, the Supreme Court, and the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, to name just some, and apparently is offended by two-way conversations about them.

I’m shocked, too, that the person to whom Rosie condescended got the best of her. It must be the hormones of pregnancy. They’re empowering, you know.

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