In response to a 1:40 video contest challenge to make a video under 1:30 on the topic of social unrest by a guy named SeanBedLam, of whom I was not hip enough to be previously aware, in came this June 6 entry from Elaina43:

Elaina43 really wants to win. She even submitted a video plea on June 8 requesting a big a** favor of us to vote for her video. She was excited that Sean commended her video, saying, “This is a fantastically good video and I’m in love with it.”
I agree. The reasons Elaina listed for legalized abortion were fabulous. In fact, I wrote Elaina this morning recommending she take her video off of embed mode on YouTube so bloggers could publicize it. I’m happy to report she has done so.
Elaina3.jpgHere were Elaina’s arguments:

1. Preborn babies should be killed to avoid placing them in uncertain adoptive homes.
2. Preborn babies of poor and uninsured mothers should be killed.
3. Abortion minded mothers would make bad parents anyway.
4. Preborn babies whose mothers are atheists should be aborted.
5. Preborn babies have no souls anyway.

Great points, Elaina43! Great last line! Vote for Elaina43! Vote here by July 4!

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