csi1.jpgTo clarify exactly how the City of Aurora’s investigation into Planned Parenthood’s deception is going to proceed, because it has become a little confusing, I asked pro-life attorney Vince Tessitore of Aurora to explain. Tessitore is in the thick of it. He responded:

The Mayor said he has already started an investigation into the actions of both PP and the City by retaining attorney Richard Martens. He also said:
1) that if City Council choses to use someone else to conduct the investigation, that’d be fine
2) that PP would not be allowed to open pending the investigation
3) that the investigation report would be made public
4) that there would be no time limit on the investigation
At this point we’re still looking into Martens and apparently so is the City Council. The Mayor said he would get a bio on Martens to the Council Members today.

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