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I posted information yesterday showing Planned Parenthood used deceptive tactics to keep anyone from finding out it was the intended user of the “medical office” being built in Aurora.
Here’s some more. Pro-life attorney Vince Tessitore presented the above documents to the City Council at last night’s meeting.
The first document, a December 5, 2006, Aurora building permit, shows a “Teri Huyck” as the Gemini Medical Office contact.
The second document, a clip from IL Finance Authority meeting notes dated May 8, 2007, shows a “Mr. Terry Huyck” as the Chief Operating Officer of Planned Parenthood Association Chicago.
I called Planned Parenthood Chicago this afternoon to ensure Teri hadn’t undergone a sex change. The rep assured me there was no Mr. Terry, only a Ms. Teri as PP’s COO. So the IFA transcriber just got the gender wrong.
So these documents demonstrate at the very least a working relationship between Gemini and PP back when Gemini claimed it had no clue who might want to rent its little $7.5 million speculation.
And at best these documents demonstrate a fraudulent poser. I doubt Teri had time for a dual career. Too many operations to oversee, pardon the pun.

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