100_3977.jpgJoe’s Lab gives a good synopsis of the Aurora City Council meeting last night. I’ve asked Diane to repost her comment from another blog entry, because she gave a good synopsis, too. I’ve posted a photo montage. And I am getting citizen journalist emails on their perceptions of the meeting and will post those as comments.
Fran and I calculated 400 citizens attended. The main room had a capacity of 196, and there were people standing against all the walls and sitting on the floor. The halls on either side were full. And there were people outside who couldn’t get in. So that’s the count we came up with. The ratio of pro-life speakers to pro-aborts was 124:2….

Fran and I left at 10:30p and went to the mill. It is being covered by 40 days of round-the-clock prayer, and sure enough, there were four people walking the sidewalk and praying. It was a darkly sacred experience, if that makes sense.
I just called Joe Scheidler, and he said the meeting ended at 1:30a. So it went 7-1/2 hours.
100_4060.jpgBottom line: The city attorney announced at the start of the citizen statements that the mayor had launched an “independent inquiry” of Planned Parenthood. But people last night were skeptical because the investigation is being conducted by just one person, Chicago attorney Richard Martens, although he sounds credentialed.
Joe said at the end of the meeting the mayor assured everyone there were no ties to this attorney, and the mayor would not let PP open on its target date of September 18 if it were found to have committed fraud.
If? I don’t know how it can be determined any other way. But as Eric Scheidler told the Beacon News, “I don’t have the disadvantage of being a lawyer. I’m just a guy who thinks that if you lie to government officials, you ought to be held accountable.” Eric apparently has the same gift of spouting clever one-liners as his dad.
The biggest applause for the 3 hours I was there was for a pro-life attorney who said, “I’m asking that PP not be allowed to open pending the investigation, and if the city council finds PP has committed fraud, that it declare all their permits and entitlements null and void. That is the law.”
I was surprised at the level of education about Planned Parenthood. To a person, everyone articulated very well what Planned Parenthood is all about.
A point with merit: One fellow read from the Aurora B-2 zoning ordinance that said a business may not lower property values. Hm.
In closing, I am pleased to announce the winning MSM headline from last night. Drum roll, please….


[HT for winning headline: John Jansen; reader jasper for Joe’s Lab link]

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