Over at the liberal blog Feministing, commenters were getting depressed Friday. Example:

I think reading Feministing (and Feministe) might be negatively affecting my mental health. Every f***ing day I read stories about sh** like this… and feel like the rape culture is literally closing in on me.

Yes, we’re the “rape culture.”
Feninisting blogger Cara thought she’d lift sagged spirits by posting pro-abort Sonya “The Drama” Boom Renee’s dramatic poetry recitation, “What women deserve,” from the 2006 International World Poetry Slam Finals.
Cara said she “was almost in tears towards the end.” I don’t know how someone can be so inspired by abortion that they cry about it, but there you go. Pretty pathetic.
But I gotta say Sonya was good. Too bad she wasted her talent promoting wanton illicit sex and chopped babies.
Sonya eloquently promulgated an abundance of tired pro-abort lies and cliches. Can you name some?
Warning: Sonya apparently couldn’t convey her message out without an f*** this or sh** that, a sure sign of ignorance. And she apparently thought shouting them loudly made them more true.

What We Deserve

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[HT: Nathan Sheets]

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