At the Aurora City Council meeting this past Tuesday night, Mayor Tom Weisner headed off citizen complaints about PP occupying the building with no occupancy permit by having a statement read:

So, “In early August” – at least 8 weeks ago – the City granted PP “prestock approval”… “to set up office furniture and equipment with limited staff training activities at the facility.”
Yet PP’s September 20 court complaint centered on its contention it was ready to open for business, i.e., office furniture and staff were ready.
The Aurora Beacon reported September 19:

City officials said Tuesday they will not ask Planned Parenthood’s staff to vacate their East New York Street building, despite the expiration of their temporary occupancy permit Monday.
“At this point, the city has opted to maintain the status quo,” said city spokesman Carie Anne Ergo.
Ergo said ordinarily, a building owner in violation of the occupancy permit ordinance would be asked to vacate, and most comply willingly. If they do not, the city usually seeks a court order to remove them.
However, since this case is already before a judge, Ergo said the city has decided to leave things as they are for now….
Aurora-based lawyer Vincent Tessitore wrote a letter to city staffers Tuesday, demanding the city enforce its ordinances….

On September 20 PP lost its motion to open for business. According to Aurora ordinances, PP should not be allowed on the property, never mind commit the higher offense of conducting business, which Aurora attorney Alayne Weingartz wrote Tessitore September 19 she would investigate (click to enlarge):

PP, of course, is pulling a fast one. This photo, taken September 5 and displayed on PP Aurora’s website, shows the “training” being conducted is not how to run the chop shop but how to conduct phone-banking to convince residents PP should be there and to portray adversaries as “extremists”:


The signboard reads:

Why Phone?

  • Services needed in Aurora
  • Targeted by extremists
    Need to show public support

  • These photos, taken 3 days later on September 8, show workers actually conducting phone-banking, clearly not in training. They were making calls, reading from a script, to drum up support. So, in fact, they were conducting business at the site at least 10 days before their anticipated opening.


    This photo, also taken September 8, shows a worker at a laptop, holding a form.

    These photos, taken September 4 and 8, again show workers conducting business, preparing signs which many photos later corroborate are being used to advertise PP

    And on its website, PP Aurora still lists its business address and phone number.
    The City of Aurora, to comply with its own ordinances, should force PP out of that building today. PP is using that building not only in violation of ordinances but also to undermine the City’s investigation and resident opposition.
    [HT: for video clip of Aurora City Council meeting, Jeff at ChicagoProLifeActivist; for PP photos, reader Paul W.]

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