This legal precedent addresses the PP Aurora complaint that some aldermen opposing it are doing so because they oppose abortion. Nevertheless, the court concluded in the Collinsville case, the abortionist disguised his intent and lost constitutional standing. Click to enlarge:

Aurora attorney Vince Tessitore presented it last night at the third Aurora City Council meeting addressing citizen concerns about Planned Parenthood in a memo of research.
The research concerned the special use permit required in Aurora zoning ordinances of nonprofit medical facilities, which PP escaped obtaining by creating a for-profit company to hide behind.
At the very least, Tessitore wrote me in an email, “PP would still have to go through a public hearing process and it is their burden in that process to prove that their use is good for the surrounding area (property values, health, welfare, and morality, etc.).”
At most, Aurora could revoke PP permits, and PP would have to sell or tear down the building.
Tessitore’s memo included legal IL precedent for denying an abortion clinic, which I found helpful.

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