It is a very small world.
halvorson.jpgBack in February I wrote a post for Illinois Review entitled, “Debbie does…??” and a related WorldNetDaily column, “The link between HPV and lung cancer.”
In large part about Democrat IL state Sen. Debbie Halvorson – who was pushing mandatory HPV vaccinations of preadolescent girls – this section of my post combined with my title made liberals crazy and got me mention in the New York Times

So when… Halvorson admitted she had HPV and worried others might get it, you would think she’d focus on her behavior that caused her to contract that sexually transmitted disease.
Halvorson would be most helpful by discussing the health consequences of pre- or extra-marital sex. Here are some potential topics:

  • Halvorson could discuss the number of sex partners she has had throughout her lifetime and how each one increased the likelihood of contracting HPV.
  • If Halvorson even had only one sex partner aside from her husband, she could discuss how one can contract HPV from a sole encounter.
  • Halvorson could discuss whether she realized at the time her sex partner carried HPV, which most trusting, vulnerable women don’t.
  • Halvorson could disclose whether it was her husband who passed HPV on to her after sleeping with other women, demonstrating another reason for chaste behavior outside the marriage bedroom.
  • More uncomfortably, if Halvorson contracted HPV through rape, she could discuss ways to avoid rape.
    But no, Halvorson does not advocate avoiding a risky behavior that leads not only to HPV but to 20+ other STDs and their strains, along with unplanned pregnancy. Halvorson merely advocates trying to avoid the consequences of risky behavior.
  • For that a Daily Southtown columnist called me a “mean girl” spewing “vitriol” with a “shark mentality” who should “get comfortable on the sidelines” because I was “los[ing] credibility.”
    Ah, memories.
    As it turns out, Halvorson was a board member of Women in Government, in cahoots with Merck to force the HPV vaccine by legislative fiat on us all. Americans thought this was a bad idea and shot the forced shot down in flames.

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