whoa2.jpg“Day of Conception,” wherein the government promoted marital noncontracepted conjugal relations.
Pro-aborts on this site scoff. It appears their scoffing may echo in emptier and emptier hook-up bars or bathroom stalls.
In his September 12 Breakpoint, Chuck Colson referred to this August 20 commentary in the Wall Street Journal by social scientist Arthur Brooks….

Many secular Americans envy the nonreligious Europeans and look expectantly to the day our presidential candidates finally abandon once and for all tortured religious rhetoric….
Yet in all likelihood religion will grow as a social force in American culture and politics over the coming decades. The reason: A secular nation needs secular citizens. And nonreligious Americans are outstandingly weak when it comes to the most efficacious way to achieve this: by having kids.
If you picked 100 adults out of the population who attended their house of worship nearly every week or more often, they would have 223 children among them, on average, according to the 2006 General Social Survey. Among 100 people who attended less than once per year or never, you would find just 158 kids….
The demographic implications are even more profound for the political left, where a disproportionate number of secularists are located. Religious people who call themselves politically “conservative” or “very conservative” are having, on average, an astounding 78% more kids than secular liberals.
Studies show that people are even more likely to vote like their parents than they are to worship like them. The secular left, therefore, has to rely on the tough slog of bringing people from the political and religious middle over to their views. The religious right simply has to keep having lots of babies.

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