femin.jpgAh, this could be the real reason Western Civilization is in the throes of an underpopulation crisis. Feminists and homosexuals have succeeded in emasculated men to the point their voices have raised an octave.
From BBC News, September 25:
Deep-voiced men ‘have more kids’

Men with deep voices tend to have more children than those who speak at a higher pitch, scientists say.
Their finding is based on a group of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania known as the Hadza, who can be studied without bias because they use no birth control….

Males who hit lower notes as they talked had about two more children on average than squeaky speakers.
It fits with observations that women find masculine voices more attractive, the team reports in Biology Letters.
“There are a lot of reasons why lower pitch and reproductive success could be linked,” said Coren Apicella, from the Department of Anthropology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, US.
Deep tones are suggestive of increased testosterone levels, which could lead females to perceive such men as better hunters and therefore better providers, she told the BBC.
“Or it could be that men with deeper voices simply start reproducing earlier. We really don’t know what is behind this yet.”

[HT: Fran at IL Review]

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