poll.bmpMy new poll question is up:

January has been a cold, hard month for presidential candidates, freezing 6 out of the race: Biden, Dodd, Hunter, Kucinich, Richardson, and Thompson. Who do you think will be the next to drop? Pick 1 Republican and 1 Democrat.

Regarding our previous poll question, 37% thought Alan Keyes would make an appearance at the March for Life in DC.
Alas, 1/3 of pollees were cynically correct. The pro-lifers’ dance card remained empty, reminding us, once again, we’re a mistress supposedly pro-life politicians want kept hidden, all the while whispering sweet nothings (empty promises?) in our ear when alone, but not wanting to be seen with us in public. Oh, they were too busy? Mm-hm.
UPDATE, 6:30p: Per moderator MK, Ron Paul made an appearance at the March.

If you voted, click on the map below to enlarge and see your brightly colored flag:

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