yell.jpgTough love works. And another evidence doctors aren’t God.
From the the Daily Telegraph, February 23:

A mother who fell into a coma after losing her baby son during a difficult labour came back from the brink of death after her husband gave her “a bloody good rollicking”.
Yvonne Sullivan, 28, lost consciousness suffering from severe blood poisoning moments after being told that baby Clinton had died….

Despite grieving for their lost son, her husband Dominic, 37, kept a round-the-clock vigil at her bedside for two weeks as she lay in intensive care.
But when doctors told him they could have to switch off her life support machine, Mr Sullivan took drastic action – by giving his wife a firm telling-off.
He held his wife’s hand and demanded: “You start fighting. Don’t you dare give up on me now. I’ve had enough, stop mucking around and start breathing. Come back to me.”
Two hours later she started to breathe steadily again.
Within five days doctors were able to switch off her ventilator, and she regained consciousness to see her husband standing beside her.
She even remembers hearing her husband yelling at her as she lay in a coma and says it gave her the strength to pull through.
She said: “I can’t remember exactly what he said but I never liked getting told off by Dom. Something inside me just clicked and I began to fight again. When I came round I thought he’d been gone a few minutes, then he told me I’d been out for two weeks. It’s a miracle. I owe him so much.”

[HT: Dr. Frank]

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