by Bethany Kerr
Mary Kay’s post below (about the man who killed his wife because she had Lou Gehrig’s disease) reminded me about this incredible video that I saw a few months ago. I think that it should touch every person here.
Click on the picture below to go to the video:

Dr. Melamed-Cohen lacks the functions that most of us take for granted in our daily life. He is completely paralyzed, must be fed through a feeding tube, and cannot even breathe on his own, and yet, he says: “Don’t despair. Be optimistic, and work on simchah (joy) in your heart. No matter what you’re lacking, think of what’s possible to do in your present situation.”
Other quotes by Cohen:
“I feel at times that G-d has allowed me to live in order to show the world that even in such a condition one can continue to be creative and contribute to society… Until the last moment, one has to live and rejoice and give thanks to the Creator.”
“Before, I didn’t believe that I have such inner strength. I learned that every human being has sparks that he can transform into a burning flame.”
“If they had let me die, I would have missed the best and most important years of my life.”

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